Francesca Belmonte – Stole

It’s always interesting to witness the journey of any session musician looking to make it as a full-fledged solo artist. The time spent honing your own craft whilst helping to build that of another’s must nag on your mind after years in the shadows. In Francesca Belmonte’s case it was working closely with trip hop legend Tricky that has inspired her to go it alone. Born in London, raised in Ireland, Francesca has been a key part of Tricky’s team, contributing guest vocals live and on record for the last five years.

Her first solo release ‘Stole’ takes inspiration from that dark 90’s soundscape, mixing sedated trip hop rhythms with a haunting melody line that explores themes of self preservation, vulnerability and survival.

Recently signed to Tricky’s label False Idols, Francesca’s debut album will be released in 2015. She plays an intimate solo showcase on Wednesday 3rd December, Upstairs at The Garage in London.

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