Premiere: Fliptrix – Polyhymnia

As the UK Hip Hop scene continues to simmer with fresh talent from up and down the British Isles, one man remains in high focus for all to see. Yet outside the genre’s core community, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you hadn’t yet heard the sounds of London’s cosmic rhymer Fliptrix.

Operating in the catacombs of the UK underground for the last decade, the intergalactic lyricist and label owner is largely responsible for the flourishing of an achingly undernourished genre that, five years ago, couldn’t even land airplay on UK urban radio stations. Those that have watched the scene unfold may credit Fliptrix with the leading the fringe movement out of the council estates and into the global eyes of millions.

His label has been a big part of its expansion, founding High Focus Records four years ago with a collective of like-minded forward-thinking artists behind him. Along with becoming the number one independent hip- hop label in the country, Fliptrix’s music has clocked over 20 million hits via his Youtube channel, not to mention being championed by DJ Premier, Wu Tang and KRS-One.

This month he released his fifth studio album, Polyhymnia, set to be the final chapter of a three-part saga (following The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway and Third Eye Of The Storm). We’re delighted to be premiering the title track off the new album, a multi-syllabic voyage passed heavy jazz licks and hazy landscapes, varnished with masterful flows like no other.

Head over to to purchase the album and check out the official video for the B-side off the first single, featuring long-time Stamp favourite Cutta Chase.

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