My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – Push EP

Push is the new collaborative endeavour by London producers My Panda Shall Fly and Mau’lin. The EP will be released by Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, whose artists specialise in fusing the electronic with the organic in their music.

Both producers have a penchant for dancefloor-orientated music. From lopsided squeaks and industrial scrapes in Mau’lin’s bass anthem ‘Octopus‘ to the trademark tropical instrumentation in My Panda Shall Fly’s ‘Yapeyú‘, the duo combine elements of the less generic into electronic dance music to make their sound authentic and applicable to the tradition of Project Mooncircle releases.

The pair of producers have used their collaboration to blend their musical idiosyncrasies. Moving away from the less subtle four-by-four beats of dance music, the five tracks of the Push EP take on a freer, more abstract musical form.

The darkened pulsation which underlines ‘Sea Beast’ opens the EP atmospherically. ‘Gingerbread House’ acquires an ethereal quality with the aural combination of sharp video game bleeps and simulated synth patterns, reminiscent of squelchy 8-bit noises that originated in 2009’s UK genre of skweee. The two producers’ upbeat dancefloor energy leaks out in the fourth track ‘I’, underpinned by a darkened bass line. The bonus track ’15 Keys’, along with its remix by Lakker, incorporates the organic qualities into the EP, with its rich saturation of Four Tet-like percussion samples.

The EP spans a variety of styles successfully, winning itself the title of intelligent electronic dance music. Another release which Project Mooncircle can be proud of. Push is out on 9th September. You can order the 12″ on Boomkat and buy the digital release from Project Mooncircle’s Bandcamp.

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