Preview: Louche Presents Move D – All Night Long

 30th August
Where: Plan B, London
Tickets: £8 / £12

You know that feeling when you’re dancing to a DJ who is completely killing it and then they have to stop because their allotted set time is over? You feel confused, anticlimactic and helpless. This is pretty much how we feel whenever we see Move D and whenever he has to stop playing. Move D should never have to stop playing. Thankfully Louche have clocked onto this and have cleverly ensured when David Moufang plays for them on Saturday, he doesn’t have to stop, rather he’s playing ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!

As you can tell we’re rather happy about this and with good reason. Not only does Move D have a salivating music collection and is a brilliant producer himself, he has this intuitive connection and understanding of his crowd that many DJs, despite their excellent music taste, can lack. When Move D plays, it’s meaningful and unbelievably fun.

There are a few final tier tickets still available (here) to spend the night with Move D this Saturday at Plan B. Don’t miss out.

Move D played this one time and everyone went nuts.

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