It was back in March when we first introduced you to a new prince of production going by the name of Vegyn. Since we published that piece, the 20-year-old producer from North-West London has been getting bigger and bigger, fuelled by the multi-coloured array of far-out frequencies found in his debut 8-track EP All Bad Things Have Ended – Your Lunch Included.

Rather than having his release swooped up by another label (and no doubt there were many offers), the way-out-there-wonder-kid set up his own label – Plz Make It Ruins as a platform for his debut EP, wanting to take control himself (incidentally, you can still cop his debut release on limited edition cassette and digital download over at Bandcamp).

Amidst Vegyn‘s racket of ascension came recognition from UK heavyweight James Blake, who has now become a devoted and loving fan of Vegyn‘s creative output; so much so that he’s pushed Vegyn‘s tracks twice on his BBC Radio 1 residency shows (check them out here and here).

Aside from all this praise however, Vegyn has been hard at work recruiting other wild and wonderful producers to climb aboard his ship of ear-popping audio to create a collective of London-based super talents.

His label’s new release – PLZ Vol. I – is the realisation of just that. Showcasing the chameleonic sounds of the 7 London-based artists, the PLZ Vol. I compilation takes you on a frictionless journey of vibrant Electronic soundscapes, all different from eachother.

Opening with R&B-ridden synth-hop from Habitats, the compilation flawlessly coasts to glitched-up IDM in Testset‘s Under the Sun (Part 2). Continuing along, you reach the chakra-opening train-ride of Vehda‘s Gaiaonly to be flipped over by IDYES‘ hard-tech x grime fusion in Axiom. The compilation ends with some crispy experimental 8-bit Eskibeat from ERSATZ, whilst Vegyn himself contributes two tracks of kaleidoscopic temperament.

The unquestionable highlight for us, however, comes from the ambient carbonation of Heardman. Beginning with the scattered sounds of people chattering, muffled brass and freestyle jazz rhythms, Heardman‘s Leuca carries you on a soft cloud that crescendo’s in its first minute with oceanic reverb before snapping you out of it and boxing your ears into an ambience of earthy claps and soft synths that you will never want to end. It’s very reminiscent of Mount Kimbie‘s 2010 LP Crooks & Lovers; with organic vibes evoking that post-nightclub sentiment made for 4am headphone listening.

We’re lucky enough to be hosting Heardman‘s Leuca below for you listening pleasure:

Vegyn, Ersatz and IYDES [Plz Make It Ruins] will be joining Mr Assister [1-800-Dinosaur] this Thursday in Hackney for a special GAEZ live showcase of new music and general audio goodness. It’s £3 with your name on the Facebook event wall, £4 on the door. Head over to the Facebook event for more details, and hopefully we’ll see some of you guys there!

You can listen to the whole PLZ Vol. I  compilation below. It’s ‘name your own price’ on Bandcamp as well, so be generous and support some rising talent!

You can stay up to date with all the artists on Plz Make It Ruins by following them on Soundcloud below:

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