Premiere: Olof Melander – Introvert

For those who are unfamiliar, Project Mooncircle and Finest Ego are two of the most well-respected and world-class connoisseurs of the emergent ‘beat‘ music scene. Both labels are unparalleled in their output of avant-garde and contemporary Electronic sounds from producers worldwide that mix and melt electronic and organic sounds together in the most entrancing of ways.

Case in point number one is the new release from Swedish beat-maker Olof Melander called Inner WorldsThe 14-track LP moves between elements of free jazz, electronica, hip hop, ritual drumming and dark noises to create a soundscape like no other. In his own words, Olof explains:

“The journey for me is about connections, whether it’s about meeting people or connecting with nature or space. Music for me takes me places I wouldn’t go otherwise, travelling into yet unexplored worlds and mind states. I try to take people on a journey with my music through abstract rhythms and diverse soundscapes”.

To us, the whole piece pulls you down to the bottom on the ocean floor, in the deep-black abyss where those weird ultra-violet fish glow and bubble like jacuzzis. That’s just us though. Check it all out for yourself by downloading it digitally or copping it on chrome cassette over at Project Mooncircle. We’re lucky enough to be able to host the premiere of the third track off the album below, ahead of its release tomorrow!

Listen to it above, and check out more from Olof over on his FacebookSoundcloud and Bandcamp, as well as hitting up all the links below:

Finest Ego
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Project Mooncircle
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