The Phantom – Artefacts From The Vistula River

The Phantom is known to his mother as Bartosz Kruczynski. We also know him as one half of the mysterious duo Ptaki, who specialise in reworking soviet-era Polish melodies into a balearic context. You might remember they also put together an excellent Warsaw City Guide for us last year.

The simply titled LP1 is his debut album released on the Ghent label, Silverback Recordings. It’s twinged with references to his Warsaw home, with tracks named after landmarks in the city. Artefacts From The Vistula River is its star and we’re delighted to bring you a full stream (no pun intended!). The rolling bassline gives the impression of little waves lapping against your boat as you sail down it through the city, with the ethereal, interwoven guitar melodies giving the impression that Carlos Santana is on board with you. Nice tinkling percussion rounds the scene off beautifully. Definitely a track for a summer’s day, or to lighten the mood on a gusty winter afternoon.

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