Stamp Mix #26: LeSale (Luv Shack Records)

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LeSale is one of the two men responsible for starting our love affair with Luv Shack Records. From the moment we heard Luv Sick, his joint effort with Lee Stevens, we’ve been plotting their arrival in Bristol. Next week that will all come to fruition at the second edition of The Social Club and we’re pretty darn psyched.

LeSale is one of five key members at Luv Shack and one of their most prolific. His gentle touch on edits and fondness for vocal samples has won him releases on Dikso, Kolour, House of Disco, Under Tones and Voyeur Rhythm, and has received support from DJs like Bicep, Hot Toddy, Roberto Rodriguez, Ray Mang, Crazy P, Pete Herbert and The Revenge. As a little taster for what to expect next week, LeSale has put together this sensational mix, full of sample-driven house, from jacking floor fillers to Balearic jams. There’s also some new bit from him in there too.

Stamp The Wax presents The Social Club with Luv Shack Records is on 2nd May in Bristol. Limited tickets still available here.

Download LeSale’s mix here and follow us on Soundcloud for updates on tracklist dropping soon.

For the uninitiated, how did Luv Shack come about, who’s involved and how would you summarise the Luv Shack ethos?

Luv Shack Records is a record label that was founded three years ago in late autumn. Simon (Simonlebon) and Stefan (Lee Stevens) – the two also produce as Burnin’ Tears – were heavily involved in Vienna’s club scene doing promotion, bookings and DJing at two well known clubs. They got fed up after a couple of years and were able to concentrate on producing and DJing only, which soon led to the idea of running their own record label. Their goal was to find like minded producers, gather some tracks and just get going. Simon and I met at a festival in Graz, and Georg (Jakobin) & Dominik (Domino) played a few gigs at Stefans & Simon’s former club. One thing led to another and LUV001 was completed in December 2011. Ever since our first release we stayed true to the idea of just releasing tracks that evoke a feeling and hopefully make people dance. Oh yeah and we like vocals 😉

For many of the Luv Shack guys, this is the first label you’ve released on. It was quite a brave move. Why did you decide to go straight down that route instead of sending out promos to other labels to generate more of an individual following first? 

Actually there are many reasons for this. The main reason (I think everyone will agree on) is that nowadays sending promos and generating interest for your music is a real pain in the ass, as the whole scene is rapidly growing and new producers are popping up every day. A lot of the more interesting labels have their network and a reliable group of artists they will stick to most of the time. Getting in there is virtually impossible, if you’re not part of the network, and even more if you’re unknown. Additionally, making our own record label allowed us to go straight ahead with our music and our collective vision; there was no need to wait and struggle with finding someone else who would trust and invest in that vision. In the end the combination of tracks is what made LUV001 and LUV002 so popular, and this would have hardly been possible if we didn’t have had total creative control from the very beginning.

Overall though, the risk paid off and you’re flourishing as an independent label. With Record Store Day just gone, there’s been some criticism that smaller labels actually suffer from it. What was the experience of Luv Shack and what are your thoughts on the day overall?  

I think Record Store Day is a thing that passed us by a little. With a lot of labels (especially new, smaller ones) putting their whole emphasis on vinyl, this day is getting more and more attention in the DJ/Producer community. But since we’ve never made vinyl only releases, it’s not affecting us in any sense I believe. And I like to see it the same way as some of my favourite record dealers & DJs: every day is Record Store Day 😉

Simonlebon recently took us on a virtual guide of Vienna. Best known for its coffee culture, green spaces and the River Danube, it seems a very relaxing city to live in. How has this impacted on Vienna music culture, the way Luv Shack is run and your own work? 

To be honest, I don’t think it impacted on Luv Shack Records greatly. Maybe that seems a bit unreflective, but I think we could have done everything the same way in any other European city. What affects our work and the way we run the label together the most, is the different personalities of the five members. Maybe that’s where the City really shows its influence. The overall music culture is probably more affected by the city’s charm and relaxing flair. The downside is that there’s a lot of stuff moving very slowly and sometimes building things can take a lot of time and work…

Next week you and Lee Stevens are making your UK debuts for our Social Club in Bristol. How are you feeling about it? What are your perceptions of British clubbing culture?

To say we’re excited is a huge understatement! Of course we’ve been to other exciting places as well, but coming somewhere for the first time is always special. I’m very optimistic for the gigs, as I see the Brits as being a devoted and music hungry people. I had my fears concerning opening hours, but I now know that there’s nothing to worry about.

Most people in the UK won’t have been to a Luv Shack party before. What should they expect and what would you like people to take away from your first UK appearance?

Well I wouldn’t say we’re capable of delivering something others cannot deliver, but the true power of the Luv Shack collective lies in our common taste in music. And we like to mix things up a lot. Gigs at Wilde Renate (Berlin) often turned out to be back to back to back to back sessions, going on for ten hours! And since we all DJ in our own way, things tend to stay lively that way. There’s always a lot of different possibilities of where to go in a DJ set, but you should definitely expect a variety of styles and moods. We will never just play the linear jacking house set or just the latest nu disco. I really hope people will enjoy the night as a whole and take home a good memory or two.

Could you tell us a bit about the mix you’ve made for us?

The mix is a bit of a promo mix with a lot of new, recently or to be released tracks. It’s all about an organic or sample driven house sound for me. A lot of real floor fillers and personal favourites and there’s a touch of Balearic in it too. The whole mix is home recorded, and it includes one of my dearest Jakobin & Domino productions – the rework of the Mr Fingers classic Can You Feel It.

What’s on the horizon for you and Luv Shack in the next few months?

There are a lot of gigs coming up for me and the other Luv Shack artists in the next couple of weeks. As I’m writing these words, Space Echo (Lee Stevens & caTekk) are in LA for a gig marathon (five events in six days!). I’ll be playing in Germany, Switzerland and France soon. Next Berlin date has also been confirmed recently. On the label side I can confirm LUV013 has recently been completed and pressing will begin soon. Rumour has it Jakobin & Domino will return with a great release on a grand label too. I’m working hard on my next releases, but at this point I can only say this much: one of them will be on Luv Shack and it’ll be out in 2014.

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