Slice of the Week 010: Greg Henderson – Dreamin’

banoffee slice of the week

And we’re into double figures! Mid-week motivator number nine from Bristol’s. As usual, listen to all tracks on our Soundcloud playlist, read about previous Slices at the bottom, and check Banoffee‘s Soundcloud for a full showcase of their mixes and releases. Ell from Banoffee with the words:

Good to see the sun over Bristol again. Here’s an old gem from way back. Dreamy, funky ass groove with some into-the-cloud melodies. For more sunshine music, check our latest Banoffee podcast from our friends at Good Block, below.

Slice 001: Trickski – Constant Suprises
Slice 002: Marcel Vogel – Body To Body (Jordan’s Remix)
Slice 003: Phil Weeks – Live At Palladium
Slice 004: Cottam 2 – B-Side
Slice 005: Lil Louis – Club Lonely (J. Cub Remix)
Slice 006: Hidden Jazz Quartett (feat. Bajka) – Lovelight (Jon Kennedy Remix)
Slice 007: Blunted Dummies – House for All

Slice 008: Nik Patrick – Velour Dolphin Ride
Slice 009: Soha – Les Enfants du Bled


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