Back for the third episode of a series that brings together online electronic music magazine and global dance music connoisseurs Resident Advisor with the wireless hi-fi speakers SONOS for a four part film series called #ORIGINS, tracing the roots of some of electronic music’s biggest stars.  The documentary film series uncovers the intimate stories of Chris Liebing, Eats Everything, Magda and Matthew Dear going back to their home towns and identifying those formative places and moments that influenced their careers and lives.

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The third part of the film follows Polish-born DJ Magda, whose formative years were shaped by her surroundings dramatically. Moving to Detroit at a very young age, Magda discovered her own identity in music through the abandoned warehouse parties in 90’s Detroit. The film follows Magda around Berlin, a place she soon gravitated towards in her twenties after getting a sweet taste for the music scene over there by DJing with a friend. The rough energy of both cities forms a straight trajectory for Magda, who reminisces about the unique moments in her own career as a DJ that reminded her that she was part of something really special.

As part of the House of SONOS – the hub of the #ORIGINS series – the 4 unique films are accompanied by an eclectic and exclusive playlist created by each of the artists. Magda’s dusky tastes made her the perfect selection for the House of SONOS’s Loft. Her playlist draws heavily from the ’80s and ’90s intersection between early techno, industrial and experimental electronics. Listen to the playlist and discover #ORIGINS films over in the House of SONOS.

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