Preview: System 2nd Birthday


When: 15th February
Where: The Dome, north London
Tickets: £12 online, £15 otd

System has no light displays, no second room, VIP or backstage, no venue TBA hype in a warehouse which turns out to be Village Undergound (no offence to them), and no lineup announcements beforehand. For anyone reading this who hasn’t been to a System night before, you’d be forgiven for scratching your head in bemusement. Despite lacking in all those characteristics we’ve come to expect from a good knees up, System makes up for it with two unbeatable components.

The vibe of a party, is an over-used and often tiresome phrase these days, but is still the only way to describe the intangible feeling at a System dance: the effect of a room full of dub pilgrims – some who have travelled from mainland Europe – paying homage to that vital second component – the sound. The sound system is all analogue, hand built by V.I.V.E.K and carefully engineered for the venue, to fully appreciate dubstep in its most fundamental form: “the minimalism, the space and the bass”. The music may get deep and dark at times, but everything about System is about love; from the care in which the sound system was made, the sentiment behind the music played, and also the interactions between the melting pot of devoted fans who come to listen. Where else could this happen but London?

Something to look out for beyond this weekend, SYSTM 004 (out 10th March) will be with LAS and previous City Guide guest Gantz. Listen to clips below, along with his 100% Turkish mix.

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