Exclusive: stream Andy Compton – Ubuntu LP

Now residing in Bristol after a recent move from South Africa, Andy Compton makes a brand of house music at odds with what his adopted home is best known for.  We don’t take issue with that in the slightest; we’re hugely into the “South African sound” taking over popular dance music in the Rainbow Nation, but it’s impact on Bristol’s music culture has not yet been significant. The release of Ubuntu may just see an end to that, which is why it gives us great pleasure to bring you an exclusive premiere.

“Ubuntu” translates as the universal bond that connects people all over the world, fitting given the link Compton is now forming between Bristol and South Africa. This is cemented further by his partership with local vocalists on the album: Celestine, Ziyon, Nathaniel Lewis, Diviniti & Eric King, Sabrina Chyld, Ladybird and Rowan, as well as a number of musicians. As for the album’s tonic qualities, expect similar sounds to Paradise (below), the track we brought you last week. The 11 tracks oscillate along the spectrum from straight up soul to a deeper edge of Compton’s house productions. A standout for us is the instrumental The Deepness, but the whole full-length as an absolute jam.

Keep an eye out for a mix and interview with the main man dropping next week. He’s put together a stunning selection for us.

Abuntu is out 14th February on Peng Records. Pre-order it now from iTunes and stream it exclusively below. Also, Andy is now signed to Jack Music Agency, so head to his page for all booking inquiries.

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