Exclusive: East Court – As She Stands There (feat. Donga)

If you were eagle-eyed towards the end of last year, you may have noticed this little number creep onto our end of year list. If not, you can be forgiven for missing a release that was snuck out with very little song and dance; ironic because that’s just what this song induces. Co-founder of Well Rounded Vinyl Vendors, Donga, teams up with fellow Brightonian East Court on a killer breakbeat take on the Crystal Waters 90’s classic. It’s one of four on WR Edits 2, a white-label, vinyl only release on Well Rounded Records who now have just two releases left. Only 315 were pressed and Well Rounded have sold all of theirs. We suggest you grab the final few on Boomkat and Rubadub, unless you fancy paying the cretin who’s charging £55 on discogs.

Video above shot on location at  Well Rounded’s free January party in Brighton. The next one is on 20th February, apparently marking Donga’s birthday. 

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