Premiere: Andy Compton – Paradise (feat. Nathaniel Lewis)

In a city globally recognised for its contribution to the house resurgence, there’s one sound that doesn’t have such a prominent role in Bristol. The South African house sensation might be permeating dance floors around the world, but this has yet to be reflected in the south west. No doubt the lack of original players plays its part, but with the arrival of one Andy Compton that looks set to change. In the last 20 years, his output has been nothing short of prolific, with over 100 EPs and 20 albums to his name. This month marks the release of his latest, Ubuntu. A fluid blend of jazz, soul and South African house it’s one of those full lengths that’s a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. As a result it was mighty hard to choose our favourite to host but we settled on the album’s lead track Paradise; not just because of its singular strength, but because it typifies all that’s great about Ubuntu. It also features vocals from Nathaniel Lewis, one of many singers from Bristol who Andy’s worked with on the album.

Ubuntu is out on 14th February (pre-order from iTunes) and look out for a mix and interview from Andy dropping next week. The mixes on his Soundcloud are sensational so we can’t wait to hear what he’s done for us.

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