Top Five: Livity Sound/Kowton’s favourite tracks

Livity poster

The Three Musketeers, TLC, Snap, Crackle & Pop, The Powerpuff Girls, The Marx Brothers, Charlie’s Angels, The Bee Gees; many great teams come in three. Livity Sound is another, but not just any other, great team. Made up of three Bristol producers, dubstep Godfather Peverelist (Tom Ford), dub-come-grime Pied Piper Kowton (Joe Cowton) and dub-techno voodoo Asusu (Craig Stennett).

Together they run the label and production triangle, Livity Sound (recently made one of XLR8R’s Labels We Love). Originally started by Peverelist in 2009 as a reaction to the evolution of dubstep into commercial waters, and away from its original sound system roots. Through Livity Sound, the three artists have been able to explore and showcase their experimental take on UK music, bringing together dubstep, techno, house, garage and jungle in a raw and futuristic way, yet still honouring the roots of dub. Last week the trio released their debut, self-titled album. Two discs, eighteen tracks, including all six of the Livity Sound 12″ releases to date, plus numerous others from Pev, Kowton and Asusu, as individuals or collaboratively. The release has won fans as high up as Radio 1, with Benji B hosting them last night for an exclusive mix. Ever experimenting with sound, the triumvirate also begun performing live last year, putting their three heads and six hands together to curate a bass-blowing and mind-bending show.

First up this month, they’ll be playing live and DJing all night this Saturday (2nd November) at Qu Junktion’s Livity Sound takeover in the Bridewell Police Cells. It promises to be a boundary-defying and rawly-hyponotic tribal dance. If you didn’t believe in spirits before, you will after. The following Friday (8th), they’ll be playing alongside Lone, Lucy, Mike Dehnert and Tessela for THEM at Corsica Studios.

For an idea of what the next two weeks will be like, have a watch of Livity Sound Live’s Boiler Room below, then jump into Kowton’s Top Five tracks at the moment.


Joey Anderson – Press Play

Just beautiful. I’ve been a big Joey Anderson fan for ages, but this one is a real standout. So melancholic.

Pearson Sound – Power Drums

Maybe the rawest track David has done? So tough, metallic and just fucking proper.

Greg Beato – 3

Tough as old boots again. Funkineven and his label are smashing it at the moment. This is my favourite track of Beato’s killer EP.

Pev & Asusu – Surge

Modular techno jams from the lads. This one is a real attention grabber in the clubs.

Anthony Naples – Busy Signal

Lovely cut from one of the nicest producers out there on one of the nicest labels out there.

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