City Guide: Recondite presents Berlin

For our second City Guide feature, we had the honour of speaking to Berlin’s own melancholic electronic gem, Recondite. With several Stampers seeing him live in London and Berlin over summer, we can conclude that Recondite has the power to entrance an entire crowd with his live sets, making a club’s second room seem redundant, and the notion of going out for a cigarette ridiculous. On asking how he does it, Recondite told us that it is important to be adaptable to what he senses in the crowds. Flexibility as a DJ is what counts, and he went on to say “I have a rough idea of my set when I go to the gig as I always do a little pre-order before I go to the venue, but I’d say that order will change during my set almost every time.”

Favourite place to buy records?

I used to buy record mostly at Hardwax (Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44) and Spacehall (Zossener Straße 33), but that’s a while ago. At the moment I concentrate 100% on producing so I’m not touring as a DJ. If I buy records now, they wouldn’t be in the dance music field, so I mostly buy them online.

Favourite place to listen to live music?

I remember going to this Olafur Arnalds concert at Volksbühne (Linienstraße 227) which was awesome for a concert like that. Very comfortable seats, good sound, good view.

Best sound system?

I’d say Berghain (Am Wriezener Bahnhof)

Favourite outdoor party? 

I really enjoyed the Lost In A Moment party by Innervisions at Rummelsburg (Rummelsburger Landstrasse 2-12) this year.

Favourite Brauhaus/microbrewery?

I would name one from Bavaria if I could 😉

Where do you go to calm down and escape the hub of the city?

Definitely Hirschgarten. It’s my shelter.

Where will you find the friendliest/most interesting local you like to have a chat with?

At the gym.

Is there somewhere that offers a distinct smell of Berlin?

Good: Tiergarten on a Monday morning
Bad: Frankfurter Allee everyday between 5 and 7pm

Where would you go to see another medium of art other than music?

Definitely Alte Nationalgalerie (Bodestraße 1-3). I keep on coming back to those beautiful paintings, especially by Caspar David Friedrich.

Best traditional German restaurant? And what meal would you choose?

I really like going for Austrian food at Jolesch (Muskauer Straße 1). I usually have the tafelspitz or fish, like zander.

Place to experience something uniquely Berlin?

The Tempelhof Airfield. It’s such a huge, open space in a very urban area. Very unique, very special, very nice.

Best view in Berlin?

From Teufelsberg for sure. I was amazed when I saw it for the first time.

And finally, who are some of your favourite emerging producers in Berlin? 

All of my fiends and colleagues from the Dystopian crew of course! 😉

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