Preview: St John Sessions w/ Tim Hecker, Pete Swanson & Vessel



When: 19 September 2013
Where: St John at Hackney Church
Tickets: £14

Once every month since June, St John Sessions have been been taking over St John at Hackney Church for an evening of exploration in the audio-visual world of electronic music. Last month saw Actress team up with artist and choreographer Eddie Peak and Nic Hamilton, superbly captured by Inverted Audio in a photo review. Three producers, Tim Hecker, Pete Swanson and Bristol’s Vessel will each be venturing out individually. Ticket sales are approaching their limit so don’t hang about with this one. See the Facebook event for more details.

Tim Hecker

A true ambient survivor, Hecker’s brand of ebbing, drone comes to St John’s on the eve of his new release Virgins. It’s a record which, in Kranky’s own words, “points to the theological aspirations of early minimalist music” at once sparser and denser than anything he’s ever done. Hecker’s performance at St John’s will be in blackout, with only the subtlest ambient lighting from St John’s surroundings finding it way through the stained glass. Check out a preview here.

Pete Swanson

Taking a root in techno with the flashes of dark metal sensibility, Swanson never loses focus on tonality, honed during his years as part of Yellow Swans. Swanson’s live set retains all the guttural physicality of his back-catalogue. Check out his mind-bending Boiler Room set below.


Moonlighting in the far-reaching Young Echo collective, Vessel signed to Tri Angle for his exceptional album, Order of Noise. His fractured techno seems far removed from maximalist approach of Swanson but is tied to him in post-punk disorderly spirit.

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