What We’re Listening To // Vol. 20 (Funk-Inspired Special)

For the 20th volume of WWLT, our mid-summer offering to you is a collection of all things funky. We’ve carefully extracted a dozen songs of contemporary disco and funky house inspired by 70s funk and soul, interspersed with an acid funk classic by Frankie Knuckles’ Nightwriters and a slow jam of early noughties funk revival, courtesy of electronic music’s most incognito duo, Daft Punk.

Whichever path you choose, it’s undeniable that funk is still a dominant gene of dance music inheritance: from original 70s disco cheesiness, to the 80s/90s house movement, and all the way up to modern-day electronic.

What We’re Listening To // Vol.20 by Stamp The Wax on Mixcloud


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