You Need To Hear This presents: JJ DOOM x Steve “ESPO” Powers

Back on a #YouNeedToHearThis tip, those brilliant people at Vice/Noisey/Philips have produced a world exclusive documentary featuring a new song from JJ Doom and a new mask created by legendary street-artist Steve “ESPO” Powers.

The new track is called “BOOKHEAD”, and courtesy of You Need To Hear This, you can get a sneak peak of Doom’s unique vernacular on the track ahead of its premiere later this week.

It’s nice to see two modern-day artists working together to push the boundaries of Hip-Hop out to the fringes of experimentalism. In the video, they discuss books, grafitti and ofcourse you get a good butchers at the new Doom mask. Check the video below, and get a taste of the new track by JJ Doom before it drops:

If you haven’t already, we recommend exploring Vice’s brand new platform – You Need To Hear This – to find copious amounts of more exclusive treasure-trove music delights. You can check out our own extensive review of the new platform right here, and you can also read about our favourite features from You Need To Hear This in our most recent Top 5 feature.

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