Bristol Spotlight: Seka

Our second Bristol Spotlight on the DJs playing at our day party, with Jack Music Agency and Just Ticket, introduces Seka. Last month we featured his remix of Cubiq and Real Nice, a disco-tech-house power punch, which really made us take notice of the local DJ and producer. Since then Seka has given us a glimpse of his new EP, Pangolin, previewed on She Wolf. A really accomplished piece of work, it moves away from the tech-house that made up Andy’s early work, into more soulful, deep house territory. That’s also where he takes us on the mix he’s done for us to accompany this interview, interspersed with some summery disco.  On first listen, it’s really conjuring up images of a sun-kissed basketball court next week, with beers and cocktails flowing, barbeque smoke in the air and another selection like this from Seka. We can’t wait!

Check out our mix and interview with Tom D (Donuts) who will also be playing at the party. Tickets are still available online (Crack or Resident Advisor), in-hand with Just Ticket or instore at Donuts, Idle Hands, Dutty, Cooshti and Rise.

For readers who might not know Seka can you give a little introduction to you as a DJ and producer.

I’ve been DJing and producing for quite a few years now, but the production came first, and took the back seat a bit when I got into Djing and partying more. At the moment I’m preferring to be working on songs ‘in the studio’ (my bedroom) as I’m trying to develop my sound a little more. Although I did just buy some turntables and have found I get more excited by mixing songs again.

You’ll be playing a set at the day party for the launch of Jack Music Agency. How did you get involved with them and how does Robin hold up as your fearless leader?

I’d say fearless leader is a good title, you’d have to be to rock that tash haha. But I’ve known the other Just Jack guys for a few years now and they got in touch when the idea of an agency first came about a year or so ago. When it resurfaced and Robin was taking the helm, he seemed really keen to get it going. Seeing as a few of my friends (Campion and Summits) were on board, it seemed like a good direction to go in.

Is this going to be your first set in the great outdoors? What can we expect from it and will you be adapting it to sets you usually play in clubs?

One of my friends put a party on at a theatre in Geneva last year and asked me to play which was great, but first proper set I think so. I’m a huge fan of slow music; chugging slow mo house and disco edits etc, so I’m excited that I’ll be able to play that kind of thing without feeling like it needs to be sped up to be ‘banging’.

A bit about Bristol now, what brought you to the city and where do you fit into what’s going on musically right now?

Around five years ago I moved for university for an audio technology course. The whole house scene is a lot bigger now and over the last few years, the BPM and style of music I’ve DJd and produced has gradually relaxed and slowed down. It’s got less of a techy edge so I think that probably fits in a bit more with my style, but I’m still striving to sound my own way and not be just another house producer.

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music in the city?

I’m not sure I have one any more – all the best times recently seem to be at the smaller pop up parties, in really interesting locations. The people are always great too and they have such a good atmosphere. An example would be the Arc Festival after party Donuts put on in the old foyer of Colston Hall with Soundstream (review here).

Are there any local music heads we should keep an eye out for this year?

As mentioned before, my buddy’s Summits are quickly making moves and making some really good songs, and I’m actually due to share a studio with them in June so perhaps even embark on some collaborations. Then, again, Campion is a great producer, although he has just moved to London. We currently share a project together called Foxtail & Fern which is almost purely deep house.

Finally, are there any releases on the horizon we should know about?

Absolutely! I have an EP being released this summer, which is being put out by She Wolf, who will also release the debut Foxtail EP in a couple months time. I’ve also almost finished a slower EP for a She Wolf offshoot label which will be out in a few months, and a few other tracks that have been anticipating a release for a while will hopefully surface in the summer too.


Matthew Larkin Castle – Heaven (Bosq & Kon Remix) [Soul Clap Records] Ben La Desh – In The Back [Sleazy Beats Black Ops] JKriv & The Disco Machine – Make It Hot (Duff Disco Remix) [File Under Disco] Kastil – She’s Back [Outernational] Larse – Dynamic Duo [Dikso] Hunee – Took My Love [Drumpoet Community] Paris Underground Trax (Brawther) – Hardcore Deep House [My Love Is Underground] Seka – Pangolin [She Wolf] Headless Ghost  – Yeaahhh [Clone Royal Oak] Miguel Migs, Shades of Grey – Create A Mood [OM Records] Shakarchi & Straneus – Clinton Hill [Studio Barnhus] Kornel Kovacs – Down Since ’92 [Studio Barnhus] Bicep – The Game [Aus Music] Bibio – You [Warp]


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