Top Five: SB.TV F64s

The online media platform SB.TV has gone from strength to strength over the last six years, with C.E.O. Jamal Edwards being labelled the “Steve Jobs” of the UK urban music industry. Alongside Elijah and Skilliam’s Butterz record label and club night, SB.TV has become the perennial media platform for Grime music worldwide. The SB.TV channel focuses mainly on two series, F64 and A64, which exist as rap freestyles and acoustic sessions respectively. Now in its third series (with over 50 episodes in each), F64 has become an essential catalyst for any budding Grime MC wanting to be heard.

With over 150 F64’s now up on Youtube (including two from U.S. Hip-Hop gods Talib Kweli and Souls of Mischief), we felt it necessary to handpick our favourites. Check out our top five below:

5. JME

The third ever man to feature on F64, JME has been such a consistently creative personality within Grime since day one. Hailing from North London, and part of the Boy Better Know collective alongside his brother Skepta, this F64 gives you a little taste of what he’s about.

4. Devlin

East London’s Devlin recorded this F64 on top of the Island Records HQ not along after he was signed by the major label. Absolutely destroys it at 1.45 minutes in…

3. Trim

A vanguard in the Grime scene and a favourite here at Stamp The Wax, Trim is a lone ranger pioneering a much more left-field style of UK Urban music. His F64 is a bit of a masterpiece, featuring 32 acronyms meticulously put together into 64 bars. One of those acronyms is a middle finger to SB.TV at 0.55 minutes, with a mischievous smirk thrown in for free. Can’t get enough of Trim’s audacity…

2. Lady Leshurr

There’s been a pretty big female presence in Grime over the last few years, with artists like RoxXxan, Lioness, Mz Bratt, No Lay, Amplify Dot and Shystie drawing a whole different crowd to the scene. Lady Leshurr’s F64 has done a massive amount to open up Grime to more females MC’s, scattered with tongue-in-cheek remarks aimed at all those trolling Youtube chauvinists.

1. Bashy

The former bus driver-gone-Grime-MC shows there’s “nobody realer”, fusing clever wordplay and humour in what has to be our favourite F64.

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