Tuesday Born – Sleep With Stars

Late last year we introduced you to Tuesday Born, one half of Afro-Bass due The Busy Twist. Now Gabriel Benn is back with another effort, less steeped in the African sounds of Kwabena but a real intricate, chiller nonetheless. If you listen carefully, you can also hear some South American influences creeping in with the drumming and that’s because Gabriel has been spending the last few months in Columbia. Remix duties go to Auntie Flo and label-mate Debian Blak. The former has gone for a jazzy vibe (also different from his Afro-Bass leanings) while DB has turned up the energy, adding some extra bounce and bass to the original. Both are top notch.

Sleeping With Stars is out now on Audio Doughnuts and can be bought from iTunes. Rumour is it will be the lead single on Singing in the Dark EP due for release around April, so we’ll keep you posted.

Busy Twist Premiere 

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the return of The Busy Twist, which we’ll be premiering at midday. It will smack you round the face, that’s all we can say.

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