Live Review: Just Jack Halloween Freak Boutique

Near sub-zero temperatures created a frustrating problem at Just Jack’s Halloween Freak Boutique last Saturday: how to incorporate a thick winter coat with a Halloween costume? Why go to all that bother painting on a full-body skeleton if your £150 Carhartt Parka was just going to rub it off before you stepped inside? It was something the Jimmy Saville impersonators – of which there were many – were not troubled with; for all his short-comings his double-lined nylon trackies and thick, blond mullet proved to be pretty sturdy insulation.


The warm, sweaty walls of a new-look Motion, complete with an elevated bar and circus tent with fire dancing and gymnasts, provided a much-needed refuge. While the main room was resided by Tech-House masters Josh Wink and Ryan Crosson, most of our night was spent with a British contingent of DJs (including back to back sets from Mosca and Eats Everything) in the newly-opened second warehouse.

Aside from the lack of cloakroom space, Just Jack outdid themselves. The decor was impressive, matched by music touching on all the corners of the House spectrum, and even the clocks played along, as their going back only added to a night full of the weird and wonderful.

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