Stamp Mix #9: Dream Koala

Label: Unsigned
Based: Paris, FR
Sounds Like:
XXYYXX, Nicolas Jaar, Do Make Say Think,
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If audio sedation via dreamy frequencies is what your ears tend to crave nowadays, look no further than lilted and laid-back 18-year-old hazy kid Yndi Ferreira Dasilva (a.k.a Dream Koala). Born to Brazilian parents but brought up in Paris, his music marries soft guitar samples (recorded himself) and ambient electronic tones over the backdrop of hushed field recordings, creating a rather sombre Parisian romance that channels through all his music.

We sent a few questions his way and he sent back a fresh mix and some answers…

How would you describe your music?

I’d describe my music like shoegaze but with a beat and some sampled noises. I put a lot of guitar into my tracks, and like to sample noises and sounds to make my percussions. We’re surrounded by noises, it is the soundtrack to our lives.

What’s the inspiration behind your name?

I found Dream Koala a year ago. I wanted a name which would relate to me. Koalas are really laid-back animals, and everybody knows I’m a lazy person ahah. I think dreaming is like entering another world, when I make music, I’m kind of dreaming. I’m disconected with everything else. So that’s why it’s Dream Koala.

When did you become exposed to Electronic music and start producing? Any major influences?

I started producing electronic music a year ago. I didn’t and still don’t know a lot about electronic music. At the moment my influences are bands like Explosions in the sky, Slowdive and producers like FlyLo, Shlohmo .. a lot of names aha

Tell us a bit about about the mix you’ve done for us?

I won’t lie.. I can’t dj. But I’m working on it. This mix is not really made for dancing, just for people to lay back and let the sounds take you wherever you want to go.

So what are your plans for the future? Future releases/upcoming shows?

My next EP is called BLUR and will be released on Highlife Recordings on September 19th. I’ll be playing some shows in Paris in the next  few months, the 4th September is my first ever show so I’m pretty exited about that and what’s happening to me right now. A lot of plays and new fans. Thats cool.

What can we expect from one of your shows then?

I’ll be playing live sets on stage (not DJ’ing). I’ve got my guitar, a microphone and my SP404. I don’t wanna use a computer live, even if it is “electronic music” I want to have a live feel to it.

Listen below to our favourite Dream Koala tracks:

Watch the video for the debut single off the forthcoming EP below, featuring French model Mae Lapres.

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