Bristol Spotlight: Javeon McCarthy

Label: PMR
Based: Bristol
Genre: Future-Soul
Members: Javeon McCarthy
Sounds Like: Jessie Boykins III, Usher, Lulu James
Links:, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter

Bristol’s Javeon McCarthy is very quietly bucking a trend in a city renowned for the moody rhythms of Trip-Hop, the bounce of Purple and as one of the forefathers of Dubstep. He’s far from rejected these musical roots – in fact at 13, he formed the Kold Hearted Krew with Joker – but is combining some of these sounds with his own soothing tones. On first listen it’s easy to recall RnB’s men of the moment, in Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and even Usher, with a vocal range that switches effortlessly between falsetto and regular pitch. But it’s also refreshing to hear that he’s as much a fan of their production. It’s a similar move to Lulu James and label-mate Jessie Ware, who are collaborating with Electronic producers to bring a new dimension to RnB/Soul. Given the Bristol connection, it’s unsurprising that Julio Bashmore is somehow involved. McCarthy featured on Bashmore’s Father Father last year and has since worked with LV-1990 and Two Inch Punch on solo material. Some say he lacks the quirkiness to be successful, but in RnB/Soul that’s not always necessary. In Precious there are definite similarities with Usher’s Diplo-produced track Climax, while Bashmore’s radio-friendly production for Jessie ware is definitely paying off, so why shouldn’t this also work for Bristol’s latest Soul talent? We’re excited to hear more.

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