Artist Spotlight: LOL Boys

Label: Friends of Friends
Playful and Pop-sampling House
Jerome Potter and Marcus Garcia
Based: LA / Montreal
Sounds Like: YunaChiddy Bang, Hird
Links: Facebook, Twitter

I know what you’re thinking but don’t be so easily put-off by the LOL Boys’s name. Think less about them trying to get down with the Facebook generation and more about it reflecting their playful attitude to music-making. Take, for example, the lead single to their latest EP and it’s affiliated video. The handmade video and Heart Streets’s  Pinky and Perky-esque vocals would usually be quite off-putting if it weren’t for the maturity of production and overall sound, complete with Jazzy trumpets and piano . The same goes for their latest mix for FADER. Carly Rae Jepson and Flo Rida are among the samples used but, again, there’s no denying it does sounds rather good. Changes EP was released last month (available at Boomkat) and has also been given the remix by Shlohmo and Star Slinger which, along with the FADER mix, are all a scroll away.


1. Lil Wayne – Nightmares of the Bottom
2. Cloud – Turning
3. Avicii – Levels
4. John Legend – Tonight
5. Radiohead – Talk Show Host
6. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night
7. Christina Milian – Chameleon
8. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
9. Kanye West – Mercy
10. Jeremih – Keep It Moving
11. Kreayshawn – Summertime
12. R . Kelly & Jeremih – Misunderstood
13. Basement Jaxx – Romeo (Acoustic Version)

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