Walter Ego – Set Off (feat. Trim)

When it comes to Grime, Trim is one of the old faithfuls. The former Roll Deep member has been around for a decade now and you can guarantee that everything he puts out is worth a listen – even, as with Set Off – when he doesn’t take the lead. Instead that duty goes to Walter Ego, a relatively unknown Sheffield producer, whose first big effort is really quite impressive. The beat built around Tetris sound effects has the same bounce to it as Dizzie Rascals’ I Luv U and, unsurprisingly, Trim’s quick-fire verse plays effortlessly off the production. Trim’s humour and confidence is the same, but in a new move he mixes between a patois and his familiar London accent. It seems Trim has developed a taste for left-field collabs in the last few years; teaming up with Mark Pritchard (one half of Africa Hitech) under the alias Pritch and Trim and Post-Dubstep oracle James Blake. In the same vain, Set Off sits somewhere between a dancefloor track and contemporary Grime, which has got us all excited about what his future releases might hold. Set Off is out on Toddla T’s Girl Music on 19 August.

Walter Ego feat. Trim ‘Set Off’ from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

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