New Artist: A Yellow Man

Label: Unsigned
Genre: Soulful, Experimental Hip-Hop
Members: Emmanuel and Samuel Gboyega and Demae Chioma Wodu
Based: London
Sounds Like: 2morrows Victory, Thee Satisfaction, Big Brother
Links: Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter

You might remember a bike mad, London Hip-Hop group we posted a while back called 2morrow’s Victory. If not, go check ’em out. If you do and approved as much as we did, then you’re in for a treat. Despite the name, A Yellow Man it is not one man, but two – brothers Sam and Emmanuel – plus the soulful sounds of Demae. The name originates from their devotion to God and reading of the scriptures from the New Testament and you can hear the religious influences cropping up throughout their lyrics. They’ve only got a couple of songs out at the moment, although more have been promised, but them alone have got us excited. It’s Hip-Hop, but with a Soulful and Electronic twist. Seeing as they’re now the second such groups we’ve now found from the same part of the country, we say that’s enough to signal the start of a new movement in the capital. Hopefully then, more will be following suit soon.
Listen below to 3000 Miles From Youth and My Lyrics Are Alive and click the Bandcamp links below them to buy.

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