Stamp Mix #7: Loscobeats

Label: Unsigned
Instrumental Hip-Hop
Genk, Belgium
Sounds Like: Tall Black Guy, Ta-Ku, Snakehips
Links: Facebook, Soundcloud

How would you describe your music? 

Hard to say, we do anything. It may be dark and obscure or funky and fresh, it mostly depends on the way we feel on a particular moment.

How did you get exposed to Beatmaking?

When we were about 14 years, we started to listen to Hip-Hop and it was like love at first listen. That’s actually the initial reason we got into beatmaking: for the pure love of it. But it didn’t take long for friends to start rapping on low quality instrumentals which they could find on the web. So using our beats helped us get out there.

What’s the music scene like in Genk and Belgium as a whole?

In the early days, the Hip-Hop scene in Genk was a big deal, but eventually it fell apart. Lately some cats are trying to make a comeback, while others are getting the attention they deserve. Hip-Hop in Belgium as a whole is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to the internet, and Belgian’s first Hip-Hop label EigenMakelij. It gave a lot of rappers from cities like Antwerp or Ghent the opportunity to work together and deliver quality songs which can eventually be played on the radio.

Are there any particular influences who have been important to you? 

It goes without saying that we share the same influences, but each of us is different. We’re mainly influenced by the early artists from the 70s: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco…you name it.

Plans for the future? 

Right now we’re focusing on our beats, because demand is getting bigger and bigger. On our ‘to-do list’ are shooting a Losco video, competing in beatbattle contests, giving workshops and live performances. Keep it moving! Top 3 new artists at the moment.

B. Lewis, Häzel, Samiyam

About the mix

Did you have a particular theme in mind when you put the tracks together? 

Never forget the real deal, classics together with some new shit and our own shit of course.

Is there anything that’s particularly inspiring you at the moment that influenced the song choices?

It could have been the moisty weather and girls walking around in short pants that influenced the sexy part of the mix, but as a group we have a various style so the same thing goes for the mix. We wanted to keep both lovely and hard at the same time, because girls might walk away. (laugh)

Any tracks in the mix that are going to be future releases?

The two beats in the mix were self-released last month on the Losco beattape which is only availble for listening purposes on our Soundcloud. For now we can only say that future tracks will be available for download and released by a label.


14KT – Sweet Tee Ish
Suhnraw – MyxGoodness
Heap Rize – Waffle Mouse
Beat-Maker-Beat – Soul Good
Hocus Pocus (Feat. Oxmo Puccino) – Equilibre
Kev Brown – Look (instrumental)
Lucy Pearl – Without You (J-Dilla remix)
Kid Abstrakt – Something Forever
Loscobeats – Fly High
Loscobeats – Don’t Talk Just Shoot

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