Stamp Mix #5: Alphabets Heaven

Label: King Deluxe
Experimental/Conceptual Electronic
Sounds Like:
Teebs, M u t a, Flying Lotus

Alphabets Heaven is the alias of Brighton-based experimental beatmaker Jonny Wildey, who produces a progressive shade of Electronic music that has had him dubbed ‘the UK’s own Flying Lotus’. His fascination with atmospheric textures and harmonic progression has pushed his sound out of this universe and into a genre of its own, sitting somewhere between Ambient, Glitch-Hop and UK Bass. His influences are varied, saying: ‘Generally I’m an ideas type of listener, so I’d probably put the conceptual guys like Actress, Zomby and Blue Daisy as the bigger influences in that they make me think about music in a different way. His debut album, Jays Odyssey, was released back in early 2011 on dynamic Canadian label King Deluxe, clipping the ears of L.A. beat-scene junkies all over the world with his unique blend of experimental Glitch-Hop. You can listen to and buy it right here.

Our fifth mix in the series has Alphabets Heaven heading on a one hour sonic adventure, from pure Ambience to Glitch-Hop via Jazz, Techno, Garage and more. The result is quite a spectacular meditative journey which dismantles genre boundaries with ease. He said:  ‘I’ve gotten into this weird habit of falling asleep for about an hour around 6pm every day, the mix is sort of meant to be like that. Dreamy’. For those wanting to hear more of Alphabets Heaven’s music, there’s one hidden gem in the mix by Wildey himself called º , which we highly recommend listening out for: It’s more of an experiment than a full piece is of music. I’ve also got an EP coming out on King Deluxe in May and a couple of remixes around that time. Manni Dee‘s ‘Shifting’ is out in late May on Hit and Hope, so lots more to come’. For now, you can just sit back, relax and let the mix work its magic. For those who want more, check out Alphabets Heaven’s live MPC-style performance here – it’s crazy impressive.


Robert Turman – Flux 2
Mo Kolours – Keep it Down

Alice Coltrane – Om Supreme

Iasos – Rainbow Canyon

Julia Holter – Boy in the Moon

Alphabets Heaven – º

Untold – Luminous

Manni Dee – Shifting

Yuzo Koshiro – Big Boss

Lone – Vulcan Mill Acid

Daphni – Ne Noya

Warm Thighs – Cynic

Soccer96 – California

Mux Mool – Hand on the Scantron

Hint – Upper Echelon

Wanda Group – B Museum

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