Stamp Mix #4: Zack Christ

Label: Moodgadget
Genre: Post-Dubstep
Based: Denmark
Sounds Like: Nocow, Sepalcure, Dauwd
Links: Soundcloud

Signed to Brooklyn’s multi-coloured label Moodgadget (‘representing everything from catchy Folk to melodic Techno’), Scandanavian producer Zack Christ has been spitting out a unique style of sample-based soundscapes that caught our attention last year when he released his mesmerizing debut Lucky Pork / Far East Side. The record combines beautifully dark textures and restless rhythms, alongside remixes from Ghostly International beat-conductor Shigeto, label-mate Beautiful Bells and fellow Danish producer Danaet, all of which works congrously from start to finish. If you want more (you’re not alone), he’s also released some wonderful vibes via Tall Prawn (a collective of madly talented producers, photographers, street artists roaming the suburbs of Copenhagen) that you can listen to here.

His exclusive mix for us fuses elements of Jazz, Minimal House and Post-Dubstep that makes for incredibly chilled-out playback. He told us: ‘I made the mix in a bit of a hurry while rehearsing for a show, and while the spring was slowly starting to blossom, so I guess those two factors had a pretty big influence in the making of this‘. The mix also features some exclusive never-before-heard tracks. ‘The last tune Slejmand Er I Kædeldragten is gonna be out sometime, somewhere and probably on vinyl‘. He’s also got two other releases on the horizon worth keeping an eye on, a split EP with Russian producer Pixelord and a solo 5-tracker. Until then, playing this mix on repeat will help pass the time.


1. Agnar Már Magnússon – Kvika
2. Dam Mantle – Spirit
3. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – Wirklich Version
4. Klaus – Tusk
5. Depto-3 – Earth 2212 (Hvnrd Remix)
6. 2562 – The Times
7. Systemwide – People Of The Book (Just Say No Remix)
8. Spejderrobot – Ilandsproblemer
9. Phon.O – Slavemode
10. Burial – South London Boroughs
11. Deadbeat – Steady As A Rock
12. Shed – The Bot
13. Zack Christ – Iced Out (Version)
14. Zack Christ – Slejmand Er I Kedeldragten

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