New Release: Juk Juk – Unwrap/Fall

Label: Nommos
Genre: 2-Step
Caleb Waterman
Sounds Like: Four TetVondelparkDaedelus

After storming onto the Electronic scene last year with Winter Turn Spring/Frozen on Four Tet’s Text Label, Juk Juk’s follow-up is equally as strong. It sees him employing a similar formula of a simple 2-Step beat, chopped up vocals and strings, but given its success on the debut effort this is no bad thing. If you listen carefully, you can just about make out what we reckon is a sample of Bon Iver’s Holocene – cleverly timed with his recent Grammy success or just a coincidence?  We are yet to get our ears around the B-Side, Fall, but we’re told it’s darker and much bassier. Both are released as a 12″ on 12 March and, in the meantime, he’s playing at the Royal Albert Hall on 22 February so be there if you can – he plays one hell of a set.

Also worth checking out is Juk Juk’s recent mix/beat composition for Daily Street

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