Live Review: Death in Vegas @ Thekla, Bristol – 14 December

Label: Drone Records
Genre: Psychedelic/Electronic Rock
Members: Richard Fearless, Tim Holmes
Based: London, UK
Sounds LikeTV On The Radio, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine

Since forming on the very fringes of Britpop in the early 90s, Death in Vegas have never failed to challenge genre boundaries, foraying from their very organic, electronic sound into Trance, Dub and Krautrock. It has been seven years since the duo last released an album and fans have been hungry for more of their menacing sounds; a hunger that was evident amongst the sell-out crowd at Thekla.

Crashing guitars and bass hooks over Richard Fearless’ electronic musings meant the show was loud and lively, mostly featuring songs from their newly released album Trans-Love Energies. Thekla pulsed with their transcendent and somehow seductive sounds, culminating in the standout track from their album, Your Loft My Acid. This number, along with others on the album, almost feels outdated with its space-y computer samples, harking back to an unfashionable era for Electronic music. But out of this comes an allure, a drama that is possibly lacking in new acts. Death in Vegas have a dark beauty that shone through on the night and certainly makes their new album worth a listen.

Listen below to Your Loft My Acid and the standout track from the 1999 LP The Contino Session, Dirge.

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