New Release: Azealia Banks – Liqourice

Label: Unsigned
Genre: Hip-House
Members: Azealia Banks
Based: Harlem, NY
Sounds LikeDominique Young Unique, Rye Rye, Missy Elliot
Links: Soundcloud, Tumblr

Azealia Banks, the vibrant 21 year old Harlem rapper, is back to give us one more fix before the year is up. Since the profanity-nourished track 212 went viral, there’s been some whispers of a debut album come 2012 plus rumours of business phonecalls with Kanye West; all of which has got us in high suspense for the new year. The sexually charged songstress has made quite a name for herself with an accelerated flow, dishing out poetic obscenities whereever she sees fit. In addition, her choice of instrumentals is geared far more towards rave culture than the more classic Boom-Bap you’d expect from a hardcore New Yorker. The video for 212 features a cameo from Post-Dubstep producer Jacques Greene, and new track Liqourice finds Azealia rapping over the old school rave record Pineapple Crush by Manchester-based producer Lone – damn this girl is cool.

LIQUORICE by Azealia Banks

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