New Artist: Black Ph03nix (aka Larry Achiampong)

Label: Look Mama Records
Genre: African-sampled Instrumental Hip-hop
Members: Larry Achiampong
Based: London
Sounds Like: Ebo TaylorAlhaji K.Frimpong, J Dilla

Doing for African Highlife music what J Dilla did for Soul, Black Ph03nix is the alter ego of one Larry Achiampong, an artist and musician who is reinventing the sound of Africa's west coast with masterful results. Originally fusing art and music in his project at Tate Britain called Jam in the Dark, Achiampong's concept album/beat tape, MEH MOGYA (SAMPLE OF ME), is his next step in his musical experimentation. It com

bines a journey into his Ghanian roots with a love of Hip-hop and Electronica to create a selection of unique and textured instrumental beats. It's also interesting to hear the connections with some of the rhythms in the original samples (especially Alhaji K.Frimpong) and contemporary Urban sounds coming out of the UK and USA. With a strong concept behind it, this is more than just a product of a talented musician, but a work of art in itself. Listen to these two album highlights but also check out the whole album below, which is downloadable here (it's name your price so be generous!)


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