New Release: Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington) – Darkside EP

Label: Clown & Sunset
 Guitar-based Post-dubstep/House
Members: Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington
Based:  New York
Sounds Like:
 Nicolas Jaar, Hot Chip, Soul Keita

After weeks of gossiping and sneak previews, the debut, self-titled EP from Nicolas Jaar's new sideproject Darkside was unveiled yesterday. While the blogosphere is blowing up about the track A1, out favourite is A2. But quite honestly, the whole thing is rather good. The other half of Darkside is David Harrington, the guitarist from Jaar's live band and he brings a more 'real' sound to the warped vocals, pulsating beat and crisp production that has made Jaar a household name in Minimal Electro. Darkside's debut EP is released on 7 December but while you wait,

scroll down for Jaar's new and completely free EP, Don't Break My Love. 

(Click 'Playlist' to listen to A2 and A3)

Nicolas Jaar / Don't Break My Love by Clown & Sunset


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