New Artist: ASAP Rocky

Label:  Sony/RCA
Genre: Hip-Hop
Rakim Mayers
Harlem, New York
Sounds Like: Danny Brown, SPACEGHOSTPURRP, Domo Genesis

Hitting the scene a couple of months ago, Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky has emerged, and he’s growing as fast as Odd Future did all that time ago. It’s easy to draw this comparison because of the in-built ASAP Mob production team, low pitch voices, futuristic Hip-hop beats and constant use of “swag”, but it doesn’t quite sum Rocky up. He prefers slow, minimalist, bass-filled beats and he lets his rocketing confidence (a self-confessed “pretty motherfucker”) run through his music. You think you like pussy and weed, ASAP Rocky will put you in your place. Check out Trilla – it’s swagerific.



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