Artist Spotlight: DJ iZem

Label: Unsigned
Genre: Brazilian-Dub
Members: Jérémie Moussaid Kerouanton
Based: Dublin
Sounds Like: SBTRKT, J3, Debruit
Links: Bandcamp / Groovalizacion Radio

Co-founder of internet world-music radio station Groovalizacion, DJ iZem has now turned his hand to producing. Turns out he’s rather good. Exposed to so many different musical cultures at Groovalizacion, it’s no surprise that Debaixo D’Agua, his debut EP released this month, is an eclectic affair. Full of energy, it effortlessly blends dub, soul, hip-hop, Brazilian, post-dubstep in a neat and catchy package. Pick of the bunch is Do Avesso, but you should explore it all. If our endorsement isn’t enough for you, it’s free – so you really don’t have an excuse.

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