New Release: Lucky Paul – Slow Ground EP

Label: Somethinksounds
Genre: Post Dubstep
Members: Paul
Based: Berlin
Formed: 2010
Sounds Like: Flying LotusMount Kimbie, Nicolas Jaar

London label Somethinksounds (an offshoot of cult culture magazineSomethinkblue) is about to storm the Electronic scene with the soon to be released Slow Ground E.P. by wondrously talented Lucky Paul; a new Electronic producer from New Zealand. Though currently residing in the Electronic epicentre of the world, Berlin, Paul has been on some profoundly sacrosanct global journeys over the last few years. He studied percussion in Brazil at just 17, and then traveled to India where he spent time living with and learning from Indian music legend Pandit Vikash Maharaj. If that wasn’t enough, he also went to Korea, where he spent 7 months studying with Bae il Dong – a Pansori singer who learned his art by living near a waterfall for 5 years, singing into the water for fifteen hours a day. The fruit of all this experience has been unloaded into his debut release which, amongst a wide scope of sound, has also drawn influences from Flying Lotus and Mount Kimbie. Thought We Were Alone stuck out as a major accomplishment – glowing full of slick synths, wonky hits and dry claps, whilst alluring vocals ghost their way through the track. We’ve posted it below amongst some other treats by this Dalai Lama of Post-Dubstep. Lucky Paul? Lucky us!

Be sure to grab The Slow Ground E.P. at the Somethinksounds store, out on June 13th.

Thought We Were Alone, directed by Jake Hamer & David Graham

Thought We Were Alone remix by Gang Colours

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