TEef – Out To Lunch

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little online coverage of UK Grime/Hip-Hop artist TEef, which is ironic considering his trumpet-tongued sound. All we know about the East London rapper is that he classifies his music as Avant-Grime-Progressive-Punk-Rap and holds a firm belief in the human capacity to master telekinesis (pretty cool stuff eh?). Out to Lunch combines kaleidoscopic, train-of-thought lyrics with fresh-fizz basslines making us think we’ve got a future Grime icon on our hands.

For his video, TEef teamed up with the innovative Studio Murmur, who went all the way to Los Angeles to shoot it. The end product is one of the most original pieces of cinematography to come out of the Grime scene. If TEef maintains this collaboration with Murmur, we are sure major success will follow. For now, you can download his untitled digital album here (it’s ‘name your price’, so be generous!) This is one to watch – you heard it here first.

Teef – Out To Lunch from Ian Pons Jewell on Vimeo.

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