Top Five: Kanye West Collaborations

Since his 2004 debut, Mr West has been at the tip-top of hip-hop; from diggin’ up endless crates of classic soul samples that were thrown into The College Dropout, to marrying a four-minute guitar solo with the gangsta growl of Rick Ross in My Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye West has kept it new and fresh since Day 1 (let‘s just ignore 808‘s for a second). Along with being awarded 14 Grammys, there’s been aBush incident, an Obama incident, plus a great deal of dead presidents bulging out of his closet. And with his sixth studio album set to be released this summer, it’s becoming apparent that this guy will not step out of the spotlight for anyone.

On that thought, we’ve compiled a Top Five list of Kanye’s collaborations on other artist‘s albums, to see if it was ever possible for this crazy talented ego-monster to play a small, almost toned-down part on a record.

Check it out below. Of course, his Chicago flow steals the show in every single one of these songs…

5:  Kid Cudi – Make Her Say

The second single from Kid Cudi’s album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Also a Kanye production.

4: Dilated People’s – Walk This Way

Old school Yeezy, back in the day on Dilated Peoples’ 2004 record Neighborhood Watch.

3: Janet Jackson – My Baby (feat. Kanye West)

One of my favourite old time K.West beats, along with his appearance on the track. This gem is off her 2004 album Damita Jo.

2: Kanye West & Little Brother – Naaw

“And I swear she a riot folks. How she order all that food and a motherf*cking diet coke?!” – nuff said. Off Little Brother’s 2004 mixtape Chitlin’ Circut Mixtape

1: Slum Village – Selfish (feat. Kanye West & John Legend)

Slum Village AND Kanye? If only Dilla was still here and the whole world would just melt. This is a summer joint for all you Yeezy junkies, off Slum Village’s 2004 album Detroit Deli. ENJOY!

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