Live Review: The Antlers @ Thekla, Bristol – 9 November

Despite hardly being thought of as a “happy” sort of band by those who have listened to them, frontman Pete Silberman twice tells us The Antlers are indeed very happy to be here in Bristol, and I believe him. Following the release of their near-universally acclaimed second album Burst Apart, I’d imagine it’s quite a good time to be in this Brooklyn band.

New Release: Skittles – Dot2Dot

Manchester MC Skittles appeared with a bang when he featured on Camo & Krooked’s release The Lesson that went viral last month. It has provided a strong platform for the solo release of Dot2Dot, which has a more modest production but is still too good to ignore…

New Artist: The Internet

A few months ago Odd Future announced that a new group, The Internet, had been born into their camp of madly talented wolves. Comprised of Syd Tha Kyd (the group’s live DJ and sound engineer) on vocals and Matt Martian on production, they seem to be skating down yet another musical path that I can only describe as ‘Odd Future RnB’…

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Self-Portrait: Ken Oath

Aussie label Ken Oath offer up a mix of unreleased material for the second instalment in our Self-Portrait series.

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