Premiere: Deep Nalström – Caravane II

Last year French duo Nummer launched their brand new imprint, Natural Selections, with a leftfield ambient LP from Mårble. A psychedelic wash of dubbed-out compositions, it set the tone for the label’s efforts to come and affirmed them as an imprint to keep tabs on.

Release number two comes from Deep Nalström, the alias of Bristol-based visual designer Guillaume de Ubéda, a longtime collaborator of Nummer’s. Having had a hand in designing the artwork for a wealth of releases on Nummer’s other label Nummer Music and Brian Not Brian’s Midnight Drive and Going Good, he also crafted the visual for Mårble’s inaugural release last year and his own forthcoming EP, entitled Naive Melodies. Today’s premiere ‘Caravane II’ layers meditative spoken word over raw drum work, making for a dreamy introduction to Deep Nalström’s world.

Naive Melodies is out now. Grab your copy from Chez Emile.

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