Premiere: Emerson – Sending All My Love Out (Demo Version)

Visionary couple Emerson and Leora Sandidge’s boogie masterpiece ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’ is seeing the light of day after remaining elusive for over 30 years. Sought after by collectors, only the one single ‘Sending All My Love Out’ saw a release in 1988, with just 500 records pressed, but at the time it didn’t get the reception it so wildly deserved.

Now, in celebration of Record Store Day, Kalita Records – a London-based reissue label mining for the best in rare African, Caribbean and American boogie – are releasing the entire album for the first time with a limited run.

As energetic as the original, the demo version of ‘Sending All My Love Out’ is drum-machine-led boogie, carried by a funky low strung bass line and twinkling synthesized keys. The lyrics have a poignant meaning which Emerson explains here, “you can give your love and care to your family or even friends but that may never be enough. What’s wrong with your family? This isn’t the movies, so be honest with yourself that your family may not be there for you. Love yourself and bump the rest to enjoy your life.”

Emerson – If You Need Me Call Me LP is out now – buy from the Kalita website.

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