Monday Morning Mixtape 237

Photo credit: Mark Pegrum

Coast from 1983 calming ambient to 1979 jazz funk fusion and 1986 soul pop, all by way of Japan. 

Today’s mixtape was curated by Gaijin Blues, a new project from Polish producer Naphta and PlayStation Yoga Music that merges tradition and future, organic and synthetic, atmosphere and energy.

“This mix is a relaxing journey through Japanese pop, disco, and fusion with some modern bits thrown in for a good measure. We’re starting off with an absolute mindblowing classic from Midori Takada, then going through some dubby territory, hip-hop from the turn of the centuries, groovy and melodic waters of pop and disco, to arrive at dancefloor shores represented by Tokyo’s finest Crue-L crew. The last track is Gaijin Blues original – an homage to mysterious and often hypnotizing Japanese vocal performances, and a flute solo – because flute solos are just awesome!”

Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream
Yabugarashi – Kuchinashi
World Famous – Sound Sniper in Sri-Lanka
Mao Denda – Be With Me All Day Long (Ken-Bo’s Urba-Remix)
Tatsuro Yamashita – Pocket Music
Mariko Takahashi – 黄昏人
Yellow Magic Orchestra – The End Of Asia
You – 99.9
Unknown – Unknown
Spectrum – Act-Show
Kazu Matsui – Goblin Hunt
Toshiyuki Honda – 747 Wind Flight
Yoshiaki Masco – Viento Fresco (For Sonny)
Gaijin Blues – Cafe LeBlanc
Crue-L Grand Orchestra – L’été, Palma (KI’s Dedication To Rising Moon Nation Tokyo Mix) Gaijin Blues – Secret Of Mana

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