Premiere: Etienne Jaumet – Spiritual

Jazz but not quite as you know it; but then with Gilb’r and his Versatile Recordings, idiosyncratic sounds, genres and styles is what they do best.

Etienne Jaumet forms the synthesizer and sax section of experimental French pop due Zombie Zombie, who released their fifth album on Versatile in 2017. Channeling similar improvisational eccentricities, 8 Regards Obliques LP is his fifth solo effort and hones in on the realms of jazz. The sax takes on a near shamanic persona is it contorts around chugging rhythm box rhythms, swirling sound effects and the spirits of South Asia. It’s no surprise Versatile mainstay i:Cube is involved too, engineering the mix for maximum nonconformism.

8 Regards Obliques LP is out now – buy from Bandcamp.

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