Premiere: Yello – Tied Up (Andi Hanley Edit)

From a producer’s perspective, outsider Swiss duo Yello have got to be one of the funnest pop groups to edit. Dieter Meier and Boris Blank have been amusing, confusing, entertaining and innovating for four decades, ignoring and rewriting the rulebook on pop music as they go. Their synth-pop, new wave blend has been featured on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and also forms the theme song for Duffman on The Simpsons, yet their absurdist approach makes them just as enticing to the underground. Name another other pop group that can boast their own original sample library of over 100,000 named and categorised sounds.

The abundance of idiosyncrasies crammed into their productions create a fertile playground for would-be producers and boy is this displayed on ‘Tied Up’. It’s one of three edits on Is It Balearic?‘s second Magic Wand Special Editions, looked after by Andi Hanley.

Ruf Kutz regular and former resident of Body & Soul in New York, Hanley is a reticent champ of the extended edit and he holds nothing back on ‘Tied Up’ more than doubling the length to a monumental 13 minutes. It starts as a percussive tool Jan Schulte would fawn over, making way for Deiter’s dark voice eccentrically filtering in and out, before balearic blues guitar, followed by Manu Dibango-era disco shredding and trumpet fanfares and even some Skatt Bros-esque vocal warbles. The kind of lateral thinking that Yello would be proud. If you click play on this ready to skip, you’re really wasting your time.

Magic Wand Sepcial Editions Vol. 2 is out now – buy from Juno.

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