Premiere: D.E. – Giant Step (Demo Version)

In 2017, Into The Light anthologised prolific Greek composer Akis Daoutis in the 17-track Space, Time and Beyond. It revealed a amazingly diverse 30 year catalogue that ranged from hypnotic ambience, otherworldly film soundtracks to new age lift music, but omitted his more conventional dance floor productions as D.E.

This new maxi single of ‘Giant Steps’ showcases not just the club mix, that went on to become an Aegean dance classic, but the much more unorthodox Demo Version. As if Akis assmbled his palette of sounds from a trip to a scrap heap, incongruous percussion and proto-house drum programming stutter around high-pitched metallic scratches, slamming till noises, smashed glass and fighting video game cries. This all combines into a comprehensive arrangement that defies the sum of its parts; the kind that would send Salon des Amateurs into a heady spin.

Giant Step is out 10th Sep – buy from Bandcamp.

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