Premiere: River Yarra – Aorsom Wislhs

The Yarra River wends its way through east-central Victoria, Australia. What’s the relevance, you ask, apart from the connection to this producer’s name? When you encounter ‘Aorsom Wislhs’, the lead track of River Yarra‘s Lucky Boy EP on Antinote Recordings, the perennial waterway takes on added significance.

Layers of crisp and insistent percussion accumulate over a bed of synthetic bush ambience. Voices are treated to mimic exotic birdsong and the bass line is possessed with rubbery, reptilian menace. Somebody unknown lets out grunts of exertion, satisfaction or both. Picture Joseph Conrad ranging the dank outskirts of Melbourne.

This is the latest sideways hookup from Zaltan’s label that puckishly declines to be predictable and will no doubt take pride in the first Discogs review: “highly recommend this one for the weirdos.” Just what can explain this new wave of singular Aussie producers? There must be something in the Victorian water.

Lucky Boy EP is out now on Antinote – buy from Bandcamp and Juno.

Listen to Zaltan’s Diggers Directory mix from 2017.

Listen to the Diggers Directory mix from PAM, part of the Antinote family.

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