Premiere: Il Guardiano del Faro – Disco Divina (Remastered)

The 1978 album Oasis from Italian new age visionary Il Guardiano del Faro gets lovingly remastered and reissued for the first time by Ryota OPP and Kay Suzuki and marks the launch of new label Time Capsule.

Il Guardiano del Faro (translated as “guardian of the lighthouse”) was the creation of Federico Monti Arduini, seen as a electronic music pioneer in Italy and and one of the country’s first producers to use the Moog synthesiser in the 70s. Spiritual synth sounds cover Oasis in a psychedelic haze, while the Roland rhythm box gives dance floor favourite ‘Disco Divina’ touches of proto-house elements like the great Sun Palace. 

Just as exciting as the reissue itself, is the longer-term prospect of Time Capsule. Headed up by Kay Suzuki, the label is born out of the community of record collectors from brilliant corners and Beauty & The Beat. Each release will be co-curated by one of those music-obsessives, repackaging and restoring music that is personally cherished.

Oasis is out 7th September – buy from the Time Capsule website, Juno or Qrates

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